Too often to listen about self-love, self-acceptance, bla bla bla? Those term are pretty popular nowadays. Following the increasing of mental-healthy awareness. Sure, self-love is part of mental-healthy. Is it complicated? Not really, tho. Well, you might feel overwhelmed cause of those self-love tips on the internet. The core of self-love is to be gentle to yourself. We’ve curated these easy tips to developing our self-love. Enjoy!

Stop Comparing Your Life To Others

This might sound cliche. But true. Have you ever heard a story about timezone? It was 2 PM at Jakarta while at Denpasar, it was around three. Did it mean Jakarta is slower than Denpasar? Nope. They both had different timezone. Still, the sun rose and set every single day. You couldn’t compare them as you shouldn’t compare your life to stranger’s on instagram.

Remember, there’s no urge to compete in every aspects. Our life is greater than just competing each other. You, us, we all have our each timezone. Your friend’s life might seem blissful while your life is mind-boggling. No worries, your life would be as blissful as theirs someday. And you know what? Your friend is possibly got such a demanding life before those glorious instagram feed.

Stay Organized

Remember  those busy days with a bunch of deadlines and sleepless nights with uncountable tasks undone? Procrastinating is always an awful idea. Deferring your tasks is the same way with keeping the burdens in your head a longer later. That’s not a self-love. Just  get your shits done. In time. The faster you finish your duties, the faster you get relieved.

Reward Youself

No need something as fancy as 5 carats diamond, let your significant other buy you the diamonds. A little nice gift is enough for rewarding yourself. A piece of personalized cuff that match your personality would be a good idea. Or a mesmerizing hand-carved pendant necklace which you could wear daily. Enough to show you love yourself as much as you love your SO.

Bonus : Love Others Wholeheartedly

What is the best feeling in the world? Being loved. There’s no such thing like you know there’s a peson who cares about you, understands what you need, tries to be better person for you. And you should do too, loving others wholeheartedly. Make others feel loved. When you have major loves to share, you’ll find out how much you have self-love.