Being busy is good. It means you have enough activities to live and fulfill your need of achievement. So does your spouse. You both have goals and personal dreams to accompalish. You spent days to chase them, ignoring what already next to you. And he does too. As time goes by, there’ll be a period you feel separated from him. You both lose connection, no more fight, no more cuddle.

Don’t let the hustle bustle ruins your relationship. There’re many ways you could do to catch his eyes. And we pick these 3 unordinary activities you must try today.

Road Trip

While fancy dinner in  5 star restaurant is too mainstream, you could pull out your adrenaline by committing a long road trip with your spouse. Pack your camping equiment, instant foods, some jackets and booties, go finding a woods or beach out of town, build your tent there and sleep one night. Continue your road trip in the following day, find beautiful places you’ve never been. It’d be better if the places are wifi unreachable.

This way, you and your spouse will be forced to work together. Without internet, you both will have a bonding time. Use this activity to talk each other, reformulate your dream in common, also compile your future jointly.

Sit Still Together

You both are too busy in daily routine because you believe work hard is the onlly way to live your life. On the contrary, sitting still may seem boring till death. But this activity is may be all you need right now. Don’t touch your work. You and your spouse could watch netflix series all Saturday long. You both aren’t required to talk a deep conversation this time. Just enjoy one another’s presence. Don’t  let the small talk or even silence bother you.

Do Charity

The greatest way to show love is sharing. Sharpen your kindness by doing a charity together with your spouse. Simply bring a bunch of children books, give them to nearest orphanage, or organize a breakfasting with the orphans. You know, kindness and sincerity will strenghten your relationship.

Jewelry you could wear everyday : during road trip, when sit still, and to charity