Buying first car, funding first house loan, aiming career higher and higher, reaching bigger dreams, planning to travel the world, and many more. Oh, how much burdens put in our shoulder, ain’t it?We millenials are too busy growing up. New goals are constantly coming to us every single day. We’re too busy building empire that we’re leaving the empire we were born. Refusing the fact that we’d be nothing without the empire we left behind. Without our parents who built it.

However, our parents are the one who will stand by us no matter what. They encouraged us to reach our dreams, to be the independent yet tough person, to live happily ever after. They gave their life to us without any pretension and hidden intention.

Do they ever ask us to pay them back? Do they ever ask us to give them our life? Never. They dont need our money. They don’t require our long list of linkedin endorsement. Parents only need our presence. They only need to be assured their kids love them too.

And now, how to show our love to them?

Make A Call

When is the last time we call our parents only to find out whether they’re fine or not? From now, let’s spare fifteen minutes per day to tell our parents that we love them. To listen to their story. To thank them for all the prayers.

Remember Their Birthday/Anniversary

Aged people live with memories. So do our parents. They’ll really appreciate if we remember important phase of their life. Or simply give them congratulation in your birthday.

Giving Them A Little Gift

You never know how it feels being treated by your own kid until you have one. Within a tiny goodies you give, there’re pride, relief, and gratitude.

It’s easy to show love to our parents, isn’t it? Our parents are our number one supporter, anyway.