Dear Brother,

It sounds like yesterday we were in family picnic and you were beyond wicked. You stole my slippers and I cried a river. You broke my bunny doll, used it to park your toy car. You threw away my school craft on other day and compelled me to play football when daddy were not around.

After years of being archenemy, you suddenly became my always-available bodyguard. I hated that you act like a hero, sent away all those boys who tried to get near to me. You told me they only flirting. I ought not to believe that. And I hated it when I found out you were right. You always are right in giving advice about boys stuff.

Now I understand you just did what brother should do; protecting me, your sister from unworthy boys out there. And now I want to say thank you so much for all the how-to-swear lessons, life advice, also boyish games we played in childhood years. They make me stronger, tho.

To pay your merit, I promise I’ll always available when you need some womankind advice. Selecting your girlfriend-to-be, choosing the right gift for her, also being your wedding organizer someday.

Dear Older Sister,

I’ve just figured out your life ain’t a piece of cake. You came into the world with burdens on your shoulder. You were given responsibility to take care of me when I was born. You were only a child by then. You made mistakes before I didn’t even understand how to live. You acquired our dad’s ire when I did mistake. You also had mom’s anger when I got hurted. I definitely couldn’t count how much you’ve sacrified to me. The list is endless.

I just wanna say thank you. Like, a lot! Thank you for staying with me even when I was wrong. Thank you for always being my supporter even when my dreams sounds crazy. Thank you for those years when we were partner in crime. Than you for never leave me alone when you’re adulting. And thank you for our latest years so my adulthood doesn’t seem that rough.

Dear Younger Sister,

To be honest, I demured your presence in our family on your early ages. I was worried if you seize all the love and attention. And that was true. The baby you was so noisy. You cried all days and nights so disturbing I couldn’t. But entire family thought your weeping was adorable. My antagonist sentiment to you still went on when we were teenager. Every aspect of my life was compared to yours. And you always won.

Until today. I’ve just realized you imitate me all this time. That’s why our parents always require me to do those great attitude that you’ll do so. And I shouldn’t worried about your presence. Our parents love us both in different ways, because we’re different.

I also just realized how much you adore me, your older sister. And how much you want to be, in odd ways. Seriously, young sister? That’s why you almost trailed me all the time? I must apologize, right? So yeah, I’m sorry for being so rude when we were children. And thank you for your presence, for entertain our entire family, for being a perfect gift in our home.

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