One day, we had chance to make a conversation with one of #AEROLADIES. She’s Indri, 26 years old, a young professional, coffee lover, yet a hard worker. We’ve known from the beginning that she’s such a cheerfull yet independent girl. When we asked her if there’s any person who inspired her the most, she answered it’s Oprah Winfrey. No doubt! The philanthrophis and talk show host really is an inspiration. Indri also told us she adores her mother’s persistence. Of course, persistence is always adorable, right?

Indri bought our fine gold piece in her very first purchase, which is rare. That’s the turning point we’re attracted to this girl. And she continued her story. She met us when she was in love to dainty jewelry. Began by browsing some overseas jewellery brand, she continued her searching in order to find the local ones.  And voila! She found us.

Tak kenal maka tak sayang (Indonesian proverb, literally means : do not know, then do not love), they said. Indri had no idea what Aeroculata is and started discovering our website. She set eyes on our very own Personalized Fine Gold Jewelry section.

“I have a super sensitive skin. It reacts negatively to any metals but fine gold. So I’m thrilled when finding Aeroculata provides customized fine gold jewelry,” she giggled.

Besides, Indri gave priority to the quality. Fine gold has high durability. The color won’t fade away eventhough you wear the jewelry every single days. Fine gold jewelry also a good for investment. You can always sell your fine gold jewelry anytime.

“I prefer pay more to get excellent quality jewelry,” she added.

Her first purchase was 18ct Skinny Ring Fine Rose Gold. As we mentioned above, we were curious about her appraisement in us. What did make her confident to purchase a solid gold online.

“I just trust Aeroculata,” she nodded. “The customer service treat me very well and fast respons.”

That’s very considerate. We also inquired her to share her thought about us.

“Aeroculata is a place we can be creative. Whatever we design, they made it,” she confessed.

Last but not least, Indri shared her favorite quote of the day : “I can’t look to the future because it’s uncertain so everyday I must doing my best.”

What Indri Picks