When we’re growing up, we realize the amount of our friends lessen. We were too busy adulting that we didn’t notice they went away. One by one. Slowly. Until the day comes. The day when we feel numb, when our head is crowded and our body is weary. The day when we look around and find there’s nobody to talk to.

Of course, losing friends is a thing we have to deal with as an adult. Everybody needs to make a living, anyway. Our old friends who were always available for us are now have their own life. Circumtances changes. People changes. So does our friendship.

Compared with romance or businness, friendship is much more casual and kinda loose relationship. It means, there’s neither vision or rules between our friends and us. We’re be friends because we’re attracted one another. Once one of us lose the attraction or find the new ones, our frienship would never same.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible to maintain a long term friendship. If we want to.

Don’t Compel To Meet Up

Remember, they have life. They have priority too. Whether it’s their career or family. We also have no idea how they live day by day. We should never force them to meet up in every specific time. Sure, a rendezvous would be a good idea to strengthten our friendship. Chit chat time, laughing together, acting like a reckless girl, name it. But, do that with pleasure. If our friends refuse to come in, don’t judge, don’t compel! Compelling them to meet up will ruin our friendship, anyway.

Manage A Spontaneous Day Out

We all suck with schedule. Once in a while, we could manage a spontaneous day out with our friends. Short getaway, one night glamping, or a one day trip would be fine. Just boom the idea complete with the itinerary and note who’ll join.

No Gossip Within Group Chat Session

One thing which always spice up a group chat is gossip session. Either gossiping celebrity or one of our companion, it always brings kinda excitement in the group chat. However, gossiping leads the group into negative atmosphere. A full of negative-ambience-companionship never last. Instead of speaking about other, why not speaking one another?

Congrats Your Girls’ Achievement

It’s easy to say sorry on our friends’ failure or grief. It’s in the blood. But it’s quite challenging to confess their success. It’s jelaousy, sort of. We can’t just get rid of it. Nevertheless, we need to maintain our friendship, don’t we? So just grant their successes with a simple congratulation. Declare their success doesn’t hurt, anyway. Be happy for them like they’ll be happy for us. That’s friendship.

Remember Their Special Days

We love to be reassured that we are special. Our friends do too. Let them know we care about them by being available in their special days : giving them little birthday gift, being their bridesmaid, support them when they get any award, cheerish them when they have a baby, and soon. Make them feel special and tell them we’re beyond blessed to have them.

It’s not that difficult to maintain long-term friendship, it is?