Being busy is good. It means you have enough activities to live and fulfill your need of achievement. So does your spouse. You both have goals and personal dreams to accompalish. You spent days to chase them, ignoring what already next to you. And he does too.

One day, we had chance to make a conversation with one of #AEROLADIES. She’s Indri, 26 years old, a young professional, coffee lover, yet a hard worker. We’ve known from the beginning that she’s such a cheerfull yet independent girl.

When we’re growing up, we realize the amount of our friends lessen. We were too busy adulting that we didn’t notice they went away. One by one. Slowly. Until the day comes. The day when we feel numb, when our head is crowded and our body is weary.

Dear Brother,

Buying first car, funding first house loan, aiming career higher and higher, reaching bigger dreams, planning to travel the world, and many more. Oh, how much burdens put in our shoulder, ain’t it?We millenials are too busy growing up.